Invisibly safe: Preventive fire protection systems


Simon RWA, Smoke Vent and Heat Exhaust Smoke and heat exhaust, smoke control saves lives Smoke and fire curtains, ensures your escape ventilation, natural ventilation systemes



Ventilation control panel AP-N 3/6

The ventilation control panel AP-N 3/6 is ideal for open and close of 24 V DC actuators by conventional activation 230 V AC (L OPEN / L CLOSE).Details



Chain actuator EA-K-30 - the compact one

The little brother of EA-K-50 with its small dimensions 37 x 35 mm and 300 N force. Smoke ventilator according EN 12101-2Details


Folding Arm² - M3D Bracket

Triangle saSHEs, trapeze or arched windows - whether round or oblique? The Folding Arm² M3D bracket brings the solutionDetails


M-SHEV® - The intelligent SHE control panel

Simon RWA® starts into the digital era of modular control panels for smoke ventilation. Logic linking now takes place digitally instead of analogue as before. The heart of the control panel is a microcontroller that connects all the modules...Details

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